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I started studying 3D.

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Series concept:
The world we see with our eyes is different from one seen in the photo.
However, now, photos are a field of vision cut moments and shared.
As we see in our mind as chasing after various sights of matters, even if the sight is moving or still, we see things visually based on the photos.

The photo is the same as visioning imaginal matters in sight,
as they are shared in the internet, they are mysterious things without quantity as an object.

I will identify the mysterious photo being as the object by manual as developed photos.
In short, I will show the photos I shot by myself and I will draw them with a pencil by seeing them.
For me description by pencil is one of the most primitive expression.

In this series, I reproduce the mysterious photos in the thickness of only 0 comma millimeters,
and I will search the expression’s structural factor by taking time.

Fragment of LTM15


Production process of Fragment of LTM series


Fragment of LTM14




Fragment of LTM13






Series concept:
The mass of the material is chipped off in the photograph, and there is also no unevenness due to the stroke of the brush, so it is only on the surface.
Maybe the way of looking at what it expresses varies according to the feeling of the person looking at it, and they can look at the surface at a glance.

With the photograph as the medium, I mix reality and fiction, and by the process of creation, I’m creating the work while facing reality and fabrication myself.
As for transversing the solid body and the level surface, even though I’m dealing with reality and fabrication directly, I think it’s a suitable method.

Up to now I’ve been making a series of photographic works using an organic design, but although I’ve tried to represent the space with the same method, it hasn’t been successful.
By means of whichever organic design, the atmosphere of how I thought the space should be expressed was obstructed.
Because of this, I stopped using wire and thread, made a more simple solid object with paper, and I represented it at first glance as an inorganic space.

A familiar scene made into a motif.
I captured that scene in the photograph and made it into a work by making it into a solid object with the unneeded forms simplified, then took the photograph again.
The shining of the light brings it closer to a photograph made into a motif.
Ultimately, I’m attempting to extract something which has a connection to my spirit.
It could be said that the theme of this series is me as the subject looking at that scene.

By making this series for this space at the same time as the “Fragment of LTM series”, I wonder whether the contrast and blending of organic and inorganic things comes out.
In all, with the blending of the subject and environment, I hope to enlarge upon my theme of the state of reality and fiction.

I made the title of this series the “Polytope series”.

Fragment of LTM12


Fragment of LTM11