Fragment of LTM


Series concept:
Fragment of Long Term Memory (LTM), an ongoing photographic series, conveys an unrealistic world through fragments of reality. My understanding of reality comes from its moments of beauty, sadness, fun, perfection, and those days when nothing special happens. Many parts of our memories, however, are often forgotten, or difficult to recall. I retrieve those fragmented moments and reconstruct them as surreal images. I gather these misplaced memories from certain parts of our reality, and together they create a non-linear story, resonating with each other in my photographs.
I shoot landscapes as well as self-portraits in which I appear painted white. I also use materials such as body parts and models of buildings that I make myself using clay, wire and paper to make this unrealistic world. The work puts audiences in the ambivalent position of not knowing what is real and what is not.
My art shows that those two worlds—reality and fiction—are very intimate, and often appear without clear distinction. Reality is a key to access the unrealistic world, and unreality is also a key to access reality.

Collaboration with Salvo Bombara_Ruins of LTM


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“Memories of a past drama, prospects of an ancient and elapsed history, remix into current technological certainties a visionary fantasy, which is paradoxically well anchored to the plastic strength of the human body …” Giulia Sillato © 2014

An Observer’s Report 1_ No.16


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.15


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.14


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.13


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.12


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.11


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.10


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.9


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.8


An Observer’s Report_ No.7


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.6


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.5


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.4


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.3


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.2


An Observer’s Report 1_ No.1

Series concept:
We live from moment to moment in a mix of truth and fiction that we consider to be reality. The distinction between reality and fiction is a relationship such that we require one in order to recognize the other, and at times they are so closely connected that we are unable to distinguish the two.
I create my works of photography by using my body and art objects that I craft myself. In this series, I insert a fictional character as an observer wandering this boundary between reality and fiction, expressed in the form of “An Observer’s Report.”

From The New world ( k o e )


Altered No.3 (Lily petal)